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September Online Marketing weekly Updates – Part 1

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Welcome to our September weekly updates for online marketing! This week has been quite special for people who use unconventional methods to for promoting their products online. Farmville has launched something special in a bid to revitalize its sales, market survey show that PPC is not deemed as effective as it was a just a few months back, Google Plus has come up with new business features, Pinterest is making large waves in the SEO community, search engine journal has compiled a list of tools that’ll help all us SEO fans stay informed.

Online Marketing Weekly Updates for September Week 1


Is PPC Slowly Becoming Less Important?

Most traditional businesses have a soft corner for PPC because it comes closest to the conventional advertising model. During the last two years, the value of PPC as an online marketing tool has increased tremendously. However, businesses across the world are opening their eyes to the power of social media marketing and organic SEO techniques.

Both these channels have the power of offering better ROI and more and more SEO professional and companies are giving greater importance to SEO and social media marketing, while reducing the dependence on PPC advertising. Read More

Google Plus Launches New Business Features

While Google Plus failed to take Facebook head on, it is offering a number of unique and productive options to its users. Its recent feature is bound to see a lot of use, and there are many ways in which smart SEO marketers can use it for the purposes of online marketing. The different business features make Google Plus more powerful by integrating with all kinds of web apps and mobile apps.

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How’s Your Pinterest Profile faring?

In a recent blog post, Shareaholic said that Pinterest brings more results than organic traffic from Yahoo. Most online content marketers have realized the value of Pinterest, and the Pinterest ‘share button’ gets top billing on most sites. The success of this site has opened up a new avenue for getting referral visits. If you haven’t created a Pinterest profile yet, better do it before it’s too late.

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Farmville Part 2 Launched – Will it Work?

Many of us look at Zynga and the success of Farmville to understand how to conceptualize and implement a viral online marketing campaign. While the advent of mobile social networking reduced the popularity of Farmville, there is no doubt about the fact that Farmville and its success on Facebook has served as a case study for a number of online content marketers. 

It has helped many find creative ways of marketing content. If the redesigned version of Farmville brings the game back into limelight, it could offer deeper insights into what drives the online popularity of content, advertisements and games.

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List of Top Ten SEO Tools from Search Engine Journal

As an SEO professional, a blogger or a content marketing specialist, you need to keep your eyes and ears open. You need to know what’s happening out there on the Internet, and you need to know everything about the keywords and ideas that can help you find an audience on the web. 

This week Search Engine Journal released a list of ten tools that deserve a place in the arsenal of every content marketer and SEO specialist. This list includes obvious tools like Google Trends and WordTracker tool, but it’s got surprises like TweetStats, Like Button, and BuzzFeed as well.

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Online Marketing Updates for August’s Fourth Week

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A Faster and Better Facebook Version Arrives for iPad and iPhone Users

Out of a total of 955 million Facebook users, nearly 488 million access the famous networking site through their mobile applications. One of the problems that all social network lovers faced on their Apple tablet and smartphones was the excess time taken by the app to upload their friends’ profiles, updates on newsfeeds, comments and photos. Well, not anymore! Facebook has released 5.0 for iOS, which promises to be two times faster than its previous version. The best part of this update is it feels like a native iOS app, and thus, works far better and quicker. Read More

SEOMoz Brings Online Marketing Percentages Through Its SEO Industry Survey 2012

If you are a typical Internet marketer who loves to be updated with every single thing that’s there in the online marketing industry, then do take a gander through the latest survey conducted by the most reliable online marketing source SEOMoz. This survey contains the latest findings that come from several reliable sources and SEOmoz’s research team of expert online marketers. Right from the percentage of international marketers to the percentages of spending and budgets of online marketing, this survey brings all the data for you so that you can find your position in the world of World Wide Web and can improve it accordingly. Read More

Google Webmaster Tools Gives More Clarity in Traffic Alerts

It is not just Google’s search algorithm that keeps changing. Google Inc. has updated Google Webmaster Tools to give you traffic alerts with more clarity, and the good news is the traffic alerts are followed by recommended actions. So, the Webmaster Tools now gives you the significant traffic changes for your web pages and what can be done to improve the ranks of the pages. Catch all the details from Search Engine Land on how this tool helps you to monitor the health of your site and keep it up and going. Read More

Google Makes Search Easier and Better with Saved Search Settings

Google now lets its users save their search settings in their Google Account. So, every time you use a different computer, you don’t need to set the preferences again. All you need to do is log into your account in Google’s home page and customize your search settings, and click the save button to save those settings. So, no matter whose computer you’re using or which browser you’re using, with Saved Search Settings, you can get a more consistent search experience.       Read More

The Metrics on Your Site Dashboard in Bing’s Webmaster Tools Just Got Better

The next time when you check your Site Dashboard on Bing’s Webmaster tools, you can see some more valuable metrics on it. Certain metrics of the tools will now show you the percent change for a selected data range. For example, if you’re looking at a change of suppose 30-day period, then the Site Activity Widget will show you the percentage of the change that is a reflection of the relative decrease or increase compared to the prior 30-day period. So, all those online marketers who use Bing can definitely monitor the performance of their web pages in a better way. Read More

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