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What is Google Dance – is it back?

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What is Google-Dance

Those who are in Search Engine Optimization industry since years will surely know the Google Dance. Of course, they all had to dance with those updates willingly or unwillingly! For new comers, let’s understand what is Google Dance –Google Dance can be defined as an update of the search engine giant for indexing the results, recalculating the PageRanks of every page the bot has crawled.

Google’s element of PageRank has different algorithm and criteria that requires bots to crawl billions of pages regularly. Considering the amount of webpages available on the Internet, this operation would take several days to finish. The havoc is this –during Google Dance period, the SERPs would highly fluctuate taking you from rags to rich and vice versa! It is for this reason, the term Google Dance was coined. As experts say, Google Dance took place somewhere during last third of every month.

Difference between EverFlux and Google Dance

Apart from last third of the month, Search Engine Result Pages do fluctuate in showing their results. Nevertheless, they are different from the actual Google dance. It’s because of the fresh crawling by Googlebot which is known as EverFlux. Most of the webmaster are confused this with Google Dance. For EverFlux, the results are being restored quickly whereas Google Dance shakes up the positions of the websites and may change the PageRank immediately.

The Return of Google Dance

Many webmasters speculate that Google Dance is back with bang! If not enough with Google Panda, Penguin and Panda Refresh, the Dance would really make people thinking and working harder on their websites. You can certainly face Google Dance by practicing ethically.

The Dancing stopped as Google changed its algorithm and did not go with that on a monthly basis. It, instead, tweaked it constantly. The WebSpam Team Head Matt Cutts discussed in his video about this change and gave certain tips to practice white hat SEO. The Dance became of less relevance after the major changes in Google Algorithms but then the time is back!

According to Search Engine Optimization experts, Google Dance is back but with different approach. Google Panda Dance and Penguin Dance pattern gives a clear hint of this. In summary, not only Dance is back but now they have different dancing styles happening at different times. It might be easy to trace the Google Panda Dance but when it comes to Penguin, it is difficult to understand.

Panda or Penguin, you are least bothered which animal comes on your way to the jungle of World Wide Web but be sure that it does not bite you. And how you avoid it? When you meet them, just respect their rules and don’t try to hurt them!


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September 27, 2012 at 1:08 pm

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