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Check Out What’s New in Online Marketing this Week!

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Many interesting things have happened this week, and whether you are an independent online marketer or an SEO company professional, you’ll benefit by reading about these. From Google’s plan to incorporate Gmail mails in SERP results and its desire to penalize people who infringe copyrights, to the birth of Twitter’s new cousins and options to ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button, there are several stories that can affect online marketing strategy.

Online Marketing Weekly News Update

Time to Brush Up Your Email Marketing Skills. Google Linking Emails to Search!

Since a long time, email marketing has been at the bottom of the priority list for most Internet marketing professionals. But Google’s decision to incorporate Gmail mails in search results is bound to change the way things work. When Google rolls out this update, people Googling information will get matching results from their Gmail along with regular search results! If your online marketing includes email marketing, then your emails are bound to be a part of people’s received mails, and this may get you on the first page of their search results! 

An Easier Way to Break the Language Barrier

Google now offers an option to mark-up webpages in a way that tells the search engine that you have multiple versions of your site. If you have a different version of your site with a different language for different countries, you can implement rel=”alternate” and “hreflang” to notify the search engine. If you do this, Google will automatically display the relevant version of your site to the viewer on the basis of the views country code. While the earlier version of this service forced you to add a mark-up to every single page of your site, this new update will let you do the same thing using XML sitemaps. 

Do you like the idea of a vanity URL for your brand?

Google desperately wants Google Plus to grow, and in a bid to get people using it more, it has offered a perk. Google+ verified users can now get personalized URLs. Brands like Ubisoft, Toyota and Delta has been provided with these vanity URLs, and celebrities like Beckham and Britney Spears have them too! This service makes it easier for people to find your profile on Google+. While this new feature is not available to general users, it may become generally available in the future.

Copycats Beware. Google is Planning to Punish You!

This is what Google’s Amit Singhal said, “Starting next week, we will begin taking into account a new signal in our rankings: the number of valid copyright removal notices we receive for any given site. Sites with high numbers of removal notices may appear lower in our results.” Welcome words for some, and a potential death knell for others. If your online marketing strategy is based on copied content, things may get rather tough for you. 

Twitter Fans, Rejoice! Medium and Branch Are Here.

Is Twitter a vital part of your Internet marketing strategy? Do you get a lot of mileage out of your Twitter account? You’ll be pleased to hear that Twitter’s founders have launched two new social sharing sites named Medium and Branch. Both of these sites are social platforms that allow users to publish pictures and articles. What! You haven’t checked them out yet?!

Google Offers Several Options to ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ Button

Google is known to play with various elements of its search page. The ‘I’m Feeling Button’ is now a rotating button. When the user brings the cursor to the button, it rotates and offers a number of options like: I’m Feeling Doodly, I’m Feeling Playful, I’m Feeling Hungry, I’m Feeling Puzzled, I’m Feeling Stellar, and I’m Feeling Trendy. I’m not yet sure how you can use these for online marketing, but this is something you can enjoy. 

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