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How do Rich Snippets Help Google Find My Website of eCommerce?

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To keep their search results precise and accurate, search engines keep on updating their algorithms. The whole world of World-Wide-Web depends upon the search queries and engines like Google receives billions of queries each day. The people, on Internet, search for products, services and information that they get from the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). But then how to come on the top of SERP is a secret! Rich snippet is one of the ways that help your webpages to be crawled and indexed higher by Google.

The story does not end once your webpage is displayed with good rank. For real human readers, irrelevant results are of no use and Google’s smart artificial intelligence (Penguin) recognizes it and pulls it down on the page.  It is for this reason, your webpage must have relevant content that precisely address the purpose of query (or a keyword).

If you run an eCommerce website, your revenue largely depends upon the Internet traffic, the real human traffic. In the month of November, 2012 Google updated its algorithm and started supporting rich snippet for shopping or eCommerce sites. So let’s learn what they said and follow!

What is snippet?

For all who are not aware of what is snippet, here is the definition –rich snippets are the pieces of sentences or words picked either from the meta-description or anywhere from the article body and displayed just below the URL of the webpage. It’s technically called as a structured data from the concerned page.

Example of Rich Snippets

Example of Rich Snippets


What if you are a merchant?

If you are a merchant, you must provide Google with product’s details. The search engine smartly uses it to display in rich snippet. The piece of this may include price, availability, review ratings right with your webpage! Isn’t it amazing?  The direct benefit of this rich snippet for eCommerce or shopping website is the users quickly and accurately identify the concerned link or information what they are actually looking for. Rich snippets, in this way, increases the chances of webpages (on Google search) being clicked. 

Benefits of rich snippets for shopping sites 

  • Rich snippet attracts potential buyers when they are looking for certain products on Google
  • Using rich snippets, you can list your product on Google for free
  • You can actually control the product information on your eCommerce website through rich snippets. This helps in maintaining the freshness and accuracy of product information for the users
  • Users find your website potential as they get relevant information and quicker access 

Google’s recommendation for product snippets on eCommerce sites

The ultimate goal is to provide the users with relevant information quickly and accurately. Rich snippets just do this when properly written. Below are some guidelines by Google on how to write rich snippets for your shopping website.

  • The main focus on the webpage while using product markup should be about specific product. Google does not support product markup on listing page.
  • The users must be able to purchase the product directly on the page. Google does not support product markup for the page that requires the users to visit other sellers’ websites or even to contact vendor to complete the process of buying.
  • Google does not support rich snippets for adult related products
  • For displaying reviews in rich snippets for shopping sites, the name should be a valid name, especially if the product is reviewed by a single person (for instance, Jack Goldstein) or an organization (say –Magento Reviewers). Anything other than this is not accepted (for example: 20% flat discount on Herbal Products).

You can ask the webmaster to follow either of ethical practices mentioned below.

Add markup to the website: In case if prices of the products are not supposed to change frequently, adding a markup is a way to provide rich snippet. The Google has special format that needs to be followed. In addition, they also support standards like GoogleRelations and hProduct microformat for better results.

Go for a merchant center feed: There are many websites that offer merchant center feeds to use in Google Product Search. Nevertheless, your webmaster must use the rel=”canonical” link element on the product page. Doing this the search engine matches the URL in your feed to the webpages detected by their bots. An update by Google makes it further clear –you can directly submit product rating into the feed for better review information in rich snippet.

With every algorithm update, the Google is getting stronger but more human! Follow ethical practice and provide users with best information that is accurate and easy to understand. This will not only earn you great reviews for your products and services but also keep your SERP’s high ranking intact for longer period.

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