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Google Panda Refresh is On the Way –How to Face Latest Google Panda Update?

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Google Panda Refresh is On the Way

Yesterday, just a couple of lines by the Giant took away the sleep of millions of webmasters across the world. Google announced its Panda Refresh (latest update) in a very tricky way. A Googler just said it in a few words “Panda refresh is rolling out –expect some flux over the next few days. Fewer than 0.7% of queries noticeably affected.” This looks little but if you are found in that 0.7 per cent, this storm is big enough to knock you down. So, let’s learn important tips on Google Panda Refresh to save your ranking.

Google has declared its ultimate goal –to offer the user most relevant results to their keywords or query in fastest way possible. Ever since its debut, Google Panda has brought a lot of changes in the SERPs. The practice of SEO has changed after this big update and there are hundreds of thousands of websites still struggling to come out of Google Penguin and Panda penalties. Needless to say that this latest update from Google about Panda will again have some effects on the SEO masters.

No matter what new Google Panda update comes up with, as an alert webmaster, you must prepare yourself to face the change and come out ahead. A high quality website, if built according to the Google webmaster guidelines, will remain unaffected. If your website specifically targets the humans and not the search engines, you don’t have to worry about Google Panda Refresh in coming days. But if you have practiced Black Hat and were lucky to escape Google Panda and Penguin update, beware…this will knock you off.

Google has approximately 3 billion searches every day and considering this fact, Google Panda Refresh as a latest update will affect around 21 million queries. Having this said, 0.7% is still bigger than most of the people will think.

How to protect from Google Panda Refresh?

There are no new guidelines. Just follow ethical practice and be human! Let the storm of latest update on Google Panda pass on and you’ll find yourself safe and secure. Nevertheless, you must follow certain tips that we already mentioned on our blog. Let’s revise them…

No overuse of Meta

Remove low quality and overly dense keywords from your website or blog. Panda and Penguin are strict for this and new Google Panda Refresh will be stricter. Follow the Google guideline for titles, meta tags, description and even URL structure.

Prefer simplicity over complexity

Use simplest language so that you reduce the bounce rate. Most of the people around the world understand very general English. So if your website is in English Language, use simple and understandable words. The best example for this is Google itself. Pick up any article or instruction by Google and you’ll find how easy you understand what they want to say.

Natural linking and no purchase links or traffic

Google Panda is smart and Google Panda Refresh will be smarter. It’ll identify purchased links and artificial traffic on your website. As we said earlier, be human and practice natural. Write good content and let people share a good word about your work. This will work best in coming time.

These are few of the most important points you’ll have to remember when Google Panda Refresh is on the way. This will not only help you face this update but also will keep your ranking intact on SERPs. 


5 Hot Tips for Using Twitter for Business

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Hot Tips for Using Twitter for BusinessTwitter and Facebook started out as sites for personal social networking, but it didn’t take businesses too long to realize the potential of these sites. Social media marketing and advertising has become a big business during the last few years. Companies that have learned how to harness the power of social media sites to build trust and inspire interest have a greater chance of success.

Most of us use Twitter and other social media sites every day. However, there is a difference between using such sites for personal purposes and using them for business purposes. Twitter is hot right now because of its ability to attract buzzwords and its increasing popularity. By posting interesting and useful messages regarding your business or work, you can reach out to your clients, customers, and fans. If you are planning to use Twitter for business, you will benefit from the following tips:

1.Avoid Automatization of Your Tweets

This is how most businesses dig their own grave. There are several services like TwitterFeed that automatically post links and titles to all your new blog posts and press releases. If you use such automatic means, you won’t have to make any effort for Tweeting. However, your organization will create the impression of being a faceless and insensitive promotional machine. Your tweets will not have any life, and your organization will seem to be a dead, robotic entity.

2.Tweet Like You Talk

You cannot talk like an impersonal organization while you are interacting through social media. Even if you represent a large organization and represent a collective entity, it is important to convey a distinct and interesting personality through your tweets. For large businesses, another possible approach is letting employees tweet in their own name in groups through a single account. Such co-tweeting can make things a lot more interesting for people reading the tweets, and it also helps you showcase different aspects of your products, services and opinions.

3. Don’t Follow Blindly

Social media marketers who are new to Twitter have a tendency of following all sorts of people in hopes of getting followers. This policy may bring some short terms advantages, but in the long run you’ll find your account swamped with irrelevant tweets from all the people you’ve followed. It is best to follow professionals and companies who tweet about topics relevant to your business. This will help you create a powerful Twitter ecosystem which will help you attract the right kind of followers and fans.

4. Reply to Mentions

As you must know, when people want to refer to your company or Twitter account, they will use “@YourCompanyName.” Your success on Twitter depends on building relationship with users and replaying to their comments and queries. Make sure that you answer to as many comments as possible. It would also be a good idea to thank some of your most ardent supporters and retweet their laudatory messages.

5. Be Interesting and Helpful

Twitter can be an incredibly effective micro-blogging tool.There are many ways in which you can entertain as well as assist through your tweets. For example, if you run an IT company, you can send several Tweets that offers tips on installing a particular software, or tweets about the best mobiles or laptops in the market. This is a positive social media action that will inspire several people to follow you.

How do Rich Snippets Help Google Find My Website of eCommerce?

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To keep their search results precise and accurate, search engines keep on updating their algorithms. The whole world of World-Wide-Web depends upon the search queries and engines like Google receives billions of queries each day. The people, on Internet, search for products, services and information that they get from the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). But then how to come on the top of SERP is a secret! Rich snippet is one of the ways that help your webpages to be crawled and indexed higher by Google.

The story does not end once your webpage is displayed with good rank. For real human readers, irrelevant results are of no use and Google’s smart artificial intelligence (Penguin) recognizes it and pulls it down on the page.  It is for this reason, your webpage must have relevant content that precisely address the purpose of query (or a keyword).

If you run an eCommerce website, your revenue largely depends upon the Internet traffic, the real human traffic. In the month of November, 2012 Google updated its algorithm and started supporting rich snippet for shopping or eCommerce sites. So let’s learn what they said and follow!

What is snippet?

For all who are not aware of what is snippet, here is the definition –rich snippets are the pieces of sentences or words picked either from the meta-description or anywhere from the article body and displayed just below the URL of the webpage. It’s technically called as a structured data from the concerned page.

Example of Rich Snippets

Example of Rich Snippets


What if you are a merchant?

If you are a merchant, you must provide Google with product’s details. The search engine smartly uses it to display in rich snippet. The piece of this may include price, availability, review ratings right with your webpage! Isn’t it amazing?  The direct benefit of this rich snippet for eCommerce or shopping website is the users quickly and accurately identify the concerned link or information what they are actually looking for. Rich snippets, in this way, increases the chances of webpages (on Google search) being clicked. 

Benefits of rich snippets for shopping sites 

  • Rich snippet attracts potential buyers when they are looking for certain products on Google
  • Using rich snippets, you can list your product on Google for free
  • You can actually control the product information on your eCommerce website through rich snippets. This helps in maintaining the freshness and accuracy of product information for the users
  • Users find your website potential as they get relevant information and quicker access 

Google’s recommendation for product snippets on eCommerce sites

The ultimate goal is to provide the users with relevant information quickly and accurately. Rich snippets just do this when properly written. Below are some guidelines by Google on how to write rich snippets for your shopping website.

  • The main focus on the webpage while using product markup should be about specific product. Google does not support product markup on listing page.
  • The users must be able to purchase the product directly on the page. Google does not support product markup for the page that requires the users to visit other sellers’ websites or even to contact vendor to complete the process of buying.
  • Google does not support rich snippets for adult related products
  • For displaying reviews in rich snippets for shopping sites, the name should be a valid name, especially if the product is reviewed by a single person (for instance, Jack Goldstein) or an organization (say –Magento Reviewers). Anything other than this is not accepted (for example: 20% flat discount on Herbal Products).

You can ask the webmaster to follow either of ethical practices mentioned below.

Add markup to the website: In case if prices of the products are not supposed to change frequently, adding a markup is a way to provide rich snippet. The Google has special format that needs to be followed. In addition, they also support standards like GoogleRelations and hProduct microformat for better results.

Go for a merchant center feed: There are many websites that offer merchant center feeds to use in Google Product Search. Nevertheless, your webmaster must use the rel=”canonical” link element on the product page. Doing this the search engine matches the URL in your feed to the webpages detected by their bots. An update by Google makes it further clear –you can directly submit product rating into the feed for better review information in rich snippet.

With every algorithm update, the Google is getting stronger but more human! Follow ethical practice and provide users with best information that is accurate and easy to understand. This will not only earn you great reviews for your products and services but also keep your SERP’s high ranking intact for longer period.

Avoid The 4 Common Mistakes in Your PPC Campaign

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Pay per click services act as magnets for site owners. Since, this Internet marketing service gives maximum online exposure and quick results within less time, it grabs the attention of the site owners. But, every campaign follows a certain set of rules, and in order to make it work properly, you need to pay heed to the details. It’s the same with PPC. However, at times, it happens so, that in order to make the campaign work, people tend to make some common mistakes during the campaign management.

Common PPC Mistakes

If you want to make your PPC campaign more effective, then make sure that you monitor your ad well and remove these mistakes. Given below are the 4 common mistakes that prevent site owners from reaping the golden harvests of their campaign.


Selection of Broad Keywords

Before you set on for any web marketing service, you must remember that keywords play a vital role in deciding the fate of your campaign. This holds true for PPC but, in this service, you need to be very specific with the keywords. Most of the companies make the mistake of selecting broad keywords. While the search for such keywords might be more, these are the keywords that make the competition tougher for you because their saturation level is more, and they cost you more. Instead of selecting such keywords or key phrases, search for more precise ones that will direct your customers to your products and services.


Directing Visitors to Homepage

This is another common one in the line. When you’re using PPC advertising services, there’s one rule that should always be followed, and that is the rule of precision because this rule will help you to hold your visitors. Most PPC campaigns redirect their users to the homepage but, they forget that rather than the homepage, visitors are more interested in a particular product and service, and that’s why they clicked on the ad. Directing your potential customers to the homepage will make them put their efforts to find their required service, and this prolonged search may annoy them. So, try your level best to deliver a tight, engaging experience to your users by sending them directly to the landing pages that specifically house their required products and relate to their intent.


Skipping Ad Testing

Human mind is the most unpredictable thing. Before starting your campaign, if you are skipping ad testing, then, perhaps, that’s one of the biggest mistakes you are making. Ad tests are extremely helpful in deciding the relevant keywords, phrases and in finding out what appeals to the targeted customers and what not. Ad testing also helps you to improve the performance of your campaign.


Not Keeping An Eye on Conversion

If your PPC services aren’t bringing you conversion, then something must be wrong with the campaign, and the maximum chances are that, perhaps, your campaign is flying blind. But, surprisingly, there are people who do not go for conversion tracking on a regular basis, and this could turn out to be disastrous. So, make a habit of keeping an eye on your conversion because it will help you to quickly comprehend the flaws of your campaign, and you would be able to design a better advertisement for it. The quicker you track the flaws, the faster you could remove them.

These mistakes are usually the signs of poor campaign management. One of the best ways to completely avoid such blunders is to hire professional PPC services because the professionals are aware of these mistakes, and they would certainly remove them from your PPC campaign.

Successful PPC Campaigns

September Online Marketing weekly Updates – Part 1

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Welcome to our September weekly updates for online marketing! This week has been quite special for people who use unconventional methods to for promoting their products online. Farmville has launched something special in a bid to revitalize its sales, market survey show that PPC is not deemed as effective as it was a just a few months back, Google Plus has come up with new business features, Pinterest is making large waves in the SEO community, search engine journal has compiled a list of tools that’ll help all us SEO fans stay informed.

Online Marketing Weekly Updates for September Week 1


Is PPC Slowly Becoming Less Important?

Most traditional businesses have a soft corner for PPC because it comes closest to the conventional advertising model. During the last two years, the value of PPC as an online marketing tool has increased tremendously. However, businesses across the world are opening their eyes to the power of social media marketing and organic SEO techniques.

Both these channels have the power of offering better ROI and more and more SEO professional and companies are giving greater importance to SEO and social media marketing, while reducing the dependence on PPC advertising. Read More

Google Plus Launches New Business Features

While Google Plus failed to take Facebook head on, it is offering a number of unique and productive options to its users. Its recent feature is bound to see a lot of use, and there are many ways in which smart SEO marketers can use it for the purposes of online marketing. The different business features make Google Plus more powerful by integrating with all kinds of web apps and mobile apps.

Read More 

How’s Your Pinterest Profile faring?

In a recent blog post, Shareaholic said that Pinterest brings more results than organic traffic from Yahoo. Most online content marketers have realized the value of Pinterest, and the Pinterest ‘share button’ gets top billing on most sites. The success of this site has opened up a new avenue for getting referral visits. If you haven’t created a Pinterest profile yet, better do it before it’s too late.

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Farmville Part 2 Launched – Will it Work?

Many of us look at Zynga and the success of Farmville to understand how to conceptualize and implement a viral online marketing campaign. While the advent of mobile social networking reduced the popularity of Farmville, there is no doubt about the fact that Farmville and its success on Facebook has served as a case study for a number of online content marketers. 

It has helped many find creative ways of marketing content. If the redesigned version of Farmville brings the game back into limelight, it could offer deeper insights into what drives the online popularity of content, advertisements and games.

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List of Top Ten SEO Tools from Search Engine Journal

As an SEO professional, a blogger or a content marketing specialist, you need to keep your eyes and ears open. You need to know what’s happening out there on the Internet, and you need to know everything about the keywords and ideas that can help you find an audience on the web. 

This week Search Engine Journal released a list of ten tools that deserve a place in the arsenal of every content marketer and SEO specialist. This list includes obvious tools like Google Trends and WordTracker tool, but it’s got surprises like TweetStats, Like Button, and BuzzFeed as well.

Read More

Experts’ Tips on Content Marketing Strategies and Campaigns

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Content Marketing Stretegies and Campaigns

Content Marketing Strategies and Campaigns Tips

An age-old strategy of word of mouth publicity works, even today in this cyber world! Nevertheless, the way of this traditional practice of marketing is changed. Today, where every information and product is available within a few clicks, classic practice of promoting your products and services requires a special set of skills.

The online merchandising has got new dimensions and we can use them for a viral marketing. If you follow experts’tips on Internet marketing, you can build productive campaigns that will not only help you build brand identity but also bring good number of customers in the form of visitors.

Four pillars of content marketing campaigns

Your content can go all over the web with a lightning speed. A viral marketing is all about promoting the content through others. In simple words, you should post something very addictive and engaging that is liked by others browsing on Internet. The key to success is developing kickass content marketing strategy that provokes the reader to share among friends, relatives and colleagues. Let’s understand four important factors of Internet content marketing.

Proper place to post
If you want your content to go viral, proper placement of content is important. The best thing about Internet viral marketing is if it’s liked by thousands of people, it gets into infinite loop! But for that, you must post the content at right place where it’s likely to be visible by many.

Proper response to every comment or feedback
This is important. Imagine the word of appreciation you give to a customer care executive at some hotel and don’t get any response. This is worst, isn’t it? You’d surely think twice before appreciating someone next time. Most of the people fail to respond and they lack in communication. You should observe the posts and be alert to reply as soon as possible.

Be an authority or hire someone
The people who go through your content surely want to know about you. If you are a domain expert and have put content of your expertise, it has more chances to be liked and shared quickly. In other case, you may hire some expert and work with them. Take the help of Search Engine Optimizers, search keywords and come out with unique ideas.

Don’t over promote –stay neutral
The person reading your content is smart. Overly promoted content is neither liked by the humans, nor by the search engines. In fact, such thing may lose its credibility and your efforts may go in vain. Online content marketing is all about influencing people with your knowledge. Show them that your content is more informational and then cleverly put your product and service as a solution to the problem. 

Craft your cornerstone in a way that your content stands apart from the general category. While deciding content marketing strategies, keep the reader/user in mind and ask yourself “Are they going to share it among others?”, “Is my content interesting that will engage the reader?”, “Does this content have good information but would equally provoke the user to understand where they lack and why should they seek my service?” Keeping these few content marketing tips in mind, you can lead the industry.

One Stop Online Marketing News – Updates are Just a Click Away

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Online Marketing News

Online Marketing News – One Click Away

Whether you are an SEO expert, a webmaster or a novice blogger trying to drive traffic to your website or your blog, you need to stay updated. And there is more than one way to skin the SEO cat. There are dozens of tricks and tips that you can use to drive traffic to your site, and to increase the value of your website. In order to harness the power of SEO, you need to keep an eye on Internet marketing news.

While there are several sites offering online marketing weekly updates, it is best to find one online marketing news site that regularly updates the news. You need one trustworthy source of online updates that you can rely on. Instead of spending time looking at a number of different updates on different sites, you get all your news from a single location. Not only does this help you drastically reduce the amount of time spent hunting important updates, but it also ensures that you do not miss out on significant information due to laziness or forgetfulness.

Read Online Marketing Guides for Google Updates

What works one day in SEO may not work the next day. All the major search engines grow over time and try to make their search results more relevant to the users. Most importantly, you need to follow Google updates to make sure that your optimizing strategy is not outdated. It is easy to be aware of the major updates like Google Panda and Google Penguin, but there are tons of smaller tips and updates that may pass you by.

While it may not be possible for you to follow every tiny update and tips related to changes in the search engines, you can read online marketing news articles on a daily basis to ensure that you don’t miss a beat. A slight change in the way Google allows its users to search information can help you find new ways of marketing your content.

For instance, exploiting a simple vanity URL addition feature in Google+ can help you augment your brand promotion efforts. You’d usually not hear much about such simple and small features, but if you keep an eye on online news guides for Google updates, you will find ways of making the smallest changes work for you.

Internet Marketing News Watch – More than News About Search Engines

While it is of paramount importance to keep an eye on Google and other search engines, online marketing is not just about earning search engine rankings. You cannot ignore the power of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon or Tumblr. A smart SEO knows how to understand new features on social media sites and use them to promote brand, products or services.

But online marketing newsletters provide more than general information about the latest happenings and trends. In addition to bringing the spiciest tidbits from the world of internet marketing, they also offer tips on how you can leverage the new found information to strengthen your online marketing strategy. Most SEO professionals subscribe to a weekly online news guide to ensure that they do not miss any important information.

Such weekly news updates convey the information right to your mail box, and you do not need to trawl the Internet trying to find what’s new in the world of online marketing. As said earlier, instead of spending too much time browsing the Internet in search of relevant information, online news guides will allow you to focus on speedily implementing the changes in your marketing strategy. 

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