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Backdoor Stuffs You Don’t Know About Facebook

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The Facebook newsroom shows that there are one billion monthly active users on it as of October 2012. Well, for the Facebook users, this isn’t going to be very surprising because they know very well that when it comes to popularity, there aren’t too many sites that can compete with Facebook. For many people, Facebook is an addiction, and it is literally tough for them to stay away from it for a long time (well, it happens to me at least).

Interesting Facebook Facts

Anyways, I’m not here to show you the stats; I’m here to share with you some interesting backdoor stuffs about your favorite social networking site, and I’m sure you’ll keep gawking at most of them; gawking because you wouldn’t have realized that there are so many things to know about Facebook, the site that have become an integral part of your life. So, without babbling anymore, I’ll cut to the chase and take you straight to the facts.

  • Facebook’s original homepage had Al Pacino’s face on it.
  • File sharing service was one of Facebook’s earliest functions.
  • Facebook engineers originally wanted to call the “Like” button the “Awesome” button.
  • Currently, it is the second biggest website by traffic behind Google.
  • Mark Zuckerberg’s dog, Beast, has his own Facebook Page, which has earned him over 133,000 fans.
  • Marks Zuckerberg’s peers say that one of his best talents is his ability to fire people.
  • Facebook was earlier known as, and its former president Sean Parker helped it get the domain for $200,000.
  • It has one engineer for every one million people, and at present, there are 500 developers who are devoted to improving the site.
  • The company’s hiring spree is at such a furious rate that all new guests are asked whether they are there for an interview or for a meeting.
  • When Steve Jobs asked Facebook to present its iPhone application at WWDC in 2008, but instead of doing it himself, Zuckerberg sent an engineer and marketing manager to do the presentation. The audition was so bad that Jobs canceled the presentation.
  • Facebook engineers enjoy a better pay than most companies in the Valley.
  • The ‘poke’ function in Facebook still doesn’t have any meaning. However, many people think that its function is to help to flirt between two people.
  • Facebook developers ‘relax’ by playing each other at chess in timed tournaments and these ‘interesting’ tournaments are held in the kitchens.
  • In the Facebook headquarters, every conference room has a different name. Some rooms have been named after countries which have smaller populations than the number of people on Facebook like Colombia, which has a population of approximately of 45 million.
  • Jumper of a Facebook employee was sold for 4000 dollars (thank GOD, they didn’t put only behind the price). Many people think that the jumper is so expensive because there is a motto of Facebook inside of the jumper.

When I came across these facts for the first time, I was amazed that there are such interesting stuffs that I don’t know about Facebook. So, I went on to search some more and decided to share it with all the Facebook lovers. I hope you enjoyed reading these facts (and gawked at some of them, as I did). Meanwhile, my research is on to collect more hidden facts and I’ll soon put some interesting stuffs like this for you. But right now, let’s get back to where we all want to be the most, which is Facebook, of course. 

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October 19, 2012 at 10:09 am

5 Hot Tips for Using Twitter for Business

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Hot Tips for Using Twitter for BusinessTwitter and Facebook started out as sites for personal social networking, but it didn’t take businesses too long to realize the potential of these sites. Social media marketing and advertising has become a big business during the last few years. Companies that have learned how to harness the power of social media sites to build trust and inspire interest have a greater chance of success.

Most of us use Twitter and other social media sites every day. However, there is a difference between using such sites for personal purposes and using them for business purposes. Twitter is hot right now because of its ability to attract buzzwords and its increasing popularity. By posting interesting and useful messages regarding your business or work, you can reach out to your clients, customers, and fans. If you are planning to use Twitter for business, you will benefit from the following tips:

1.Avoid Automatization of Your Tweets

This is how most businesses dig their own grave. There are several services like TwitterFeed that automatically post links and titles to all your new blog posts and press releases. If you use such automatic means, you won’t have to make any effort for Tweeting. However, your organization will create the impression of being a faceless and insensitive promotional machine. Your tweets will not have any life, and your organization will seem to be a dead, robotic entity.

2.Tweet Like You Talk

You cannot talk like an impersonal organization while you are interacting through social media. Even if you represent a large organization and represent a collective entity, it is important to convey a distinct and interesting personality through your tweets. For large businesses, another possible approach is letting employees tweet in their own name in groups through a single account. Such co-tweeting can make things a lot more interesting for people reading the tweets, and it also helps you showcase different aspects of your products, services and opinions.

3. Don’t Follow Blindly

Social media marketers who are new to Twitter have a tendency of following all sorts of people in hopes of getting followers. This policy may bring some short terms advantages, but in the long run you’ll find your account swamped with irrelevant tweets from all the people you’ve followed. It is best to follow professionals and companies who tweet about topics relevant to your business. This will help you create a powerful Twitter ecosystem which will help you attract the right kind of followers and fans.

4. Reply to Mentions

As you must know, when people want to refer to your company or Twitter account, they will use “@YourCompanyName.” Your success on Twitter depends on building relationship with users and replaying to their comments and queries. Make sure that you answer to as many comments as possible. It would also be a good idea to thank some of your most ardent supporters and retweet their laudatory messages.

5. Be Interesting and Helpful

Twitter can be an incredibly effective micro-blogging tool.There are many ways in which you can entertain as well as assist through your tweets. For example, if you run an IT company, you can send several Tweets that offers tips on installing a particular software, or tweets about the best mobiles or laptops in the market. This is a positive social media action that will inspire several people to follow you.

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