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SEO and Content Marketing in the Post-Panda & Penguin World

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While Google’s Panda and Penguin updates have made things great for users, they’ve made things rather difficult for content marketers and SEO professionals. Thankfully, there are proven content marketing techniques that work well in the post-Panda & Penguin world.

Google Post-Panda and Penguin World

Most major search engines (especially Google) have made a number of changes in the way they calculate the rank of web pages for particular keywords. The SEO and content marketing tactics that yielded rich dividends just a few months back do not work so well anymore. As Google is the most popular search engine, millions of blogs and websites around the world were built keeping in mind the preferences of this Internet search giant. The Panda and Penguin updates took blogging professionals, online marketers and SEO experts by surprise. The Google search ranking of several websites plummeted all of a sudden, and SEO strategies that seemed to work perfectly were no longer effective.

Most black-hat SEO tactics will not help you get back on your feet. Thankfully, there are a number of other ways in which you can use content marketing to get enviable search rankings on Google.

Successful Content Marketing Techniques for Google Panda and Penguin

1. Original, Quality Content

While the idea of writing quality and original content to impress and attract visitors has been around since a long while, most content marketers don’t take the pains to implement it. Panda update punishes spam and/or duplicate content. If your site has been hit, you need to take a close look at the content and decide for yourself whether it offers any real value to the user. For improving the raking of new websites, you should use original and quality content as copied content will never let you rise to the top of the search results.


2. Judicious Use of Keywords

A decade ago, it was understood that cramming your website or blog with a certain keyword will automatically take you to the top of Google results. As the search engines got smarter, content marketers and SEO professionals realized that, in the new circumstances, it was better to use the keywords just a few times in an article or web page. Those tactics don’t work so well now. In order to empower your content and make it beautiful in the eyes of Panda and Penguin, use the main keywords just a few times (2-3% of overall content) and use (but not repeat) similar, related keywords extensively.


3. Remove Unnatural Links

All the low-quality links that point toward your site are hurting your rankings. If you have purchased a number of links from a website and the links have the same anchor text, it won’t do you any good. On the contrary, it will hurt you. If you post comments on different forums using same anchor texts with a gibberish username, Google will view it as spam and hit your domain. Link from sites that are blacklisted by Google will also harm you. If any links of the above description point towards your website or blog, get rid of them fast.


4. Build Natural Links

Many content marketing professionals avoid link building after being hit by Google Panda and Penguin. But link building works well if you can get links from quality websites. Links from sites that are similar to your site can help you a lot. Also, links from trusted sources like reputed news sites, education sites and government sites can also help you boost your search engine results.


5. Make Social Networking a Part of your Strategy

Apart from SEO and content marketing through article and blog submission, you must also harness the power of social media marketing to work for you. Twitter has proved to be a dependable tool for micro-blogging; Facebook and other social media sites can also help you promote your products and services. 

Experts’ Tips on Content Marketing Strategies and Campaigns

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Content Marketing Stretegies and Campaigns

Content Marketing Strategies and Campaigns Tips

An age-old strategy of word of mouth publicity works, even today in this cyber world! Nevertheless, the way of this traditional practice of marketing is changed. Today, where every information and product is available within a few clicks, classic practice of promoting your products and services requires a special set of skills.

The online merchandising has got new dimensions and we can use them for a viral marketing. If you follow experts’tips on Internet marketing, you can build productive campaigns that will not only help you build brand identity but also bring good number of customers in the form of visitors.

Four pillars of content marketing campaigns

Your content can go all over the web with a lightning speed. A viral marketing is all about promoting the content through others. In simple words, you should post something very addictive and engaging that is liked by others browsing on Internet. The key to success is developing kickass content marketing strategy that provokes the reader to share among friends, relatives and colleagues. Let’s understand four important factors of Internet content marketing.

Proper place to post
If you want your content to go viral, proper placement of content is important. The best thing about Internet viral marketing is if it’s liked by thousands of people, it gets into infinite loop! But for that, you must post the content at right place where it’s likely to be visible by many.

Proper response to every comment or feedback
This is important. Imagine the word of appreciation you give to a customer care executive at some hotel and don’t get any response. This is worst, isn’t it? You’d surely think twice before appreciating someone next time. Most of the people fail to respond and they lack in communication. You should observe the posts and be alert to reply as soon as possible.

Be an authority or hire someone
The people who go through your content surely want to know about you. If you are a domain expert and have put content of your expertise, it has more chances to be liked and shared quickly. In other case, you may hire some expert and work with them. Take the help of Search Engine Optimizers, search keywords and come out with unique ideas.

Don’t over promote –stay neutral
The person reading your content is smart. Overly promoted content is neither liked by the humans, nor by the search engines. In fact, such thing may lose its credibility and your efforts may go in vain. Online content marketing is all about influencing people with your knowledge. Show them that your content is more informational and then cleverly put your product and service as a solution to the problem. 

Craft your cornerstone in a way that your content stands apart from the general category. While deciding content marketing strategies, keep the reader/user in mind and ask yourself “Are they going to share it among others?”, “Is my content interesting that will engage the reader?”, “Does this content have good information but would equally provoke the user to understand where they lack and why should they seek my service?” Keeping these few content marketing tips in mind, you can lead the industry.

FAQs for Online Content Marketing Services – Grow Business, Cut Worries

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FAQs of Content Marketing Services

Traditional ways to market your business is the matter of yesteryears. They may work in some manner but if you want it in a kickass way, viral content marketing through social media and other sources is the way.

In our experience, we have observed that most of the businesspersons simply hire content marketing service because all do that! But that is not the truth, when you think about online or Internet marketing service, you must take care of simple but important things. Let’s answer no-nonsense questions about how to market online here.

What is content marketing on the internet?

Content marketing is an umbrella term that includes all the marketing ways to spread the content (about product and services) among as many people as possible. Such content is kept in a way that draws attention and attracts the viewers to read, click and finally purchase.

Why go for online content marketing?

No matter how good products and best services you offer on your websites, if they are not popular, they may lie idle. On the Internet, hundreds of thousands of pages are added every day. If the webpage that contains your products and services is listed beyond 10 pages of search engine result, it is actually invisible. This is because netizens are less likely to go to that page unless they know your website’s URL.

How to do Internet marketing for content I have?

There are many ways. Online (Internet) content marketing requires skills as the content is to spread across the World Wide Web. Blogging, article submissions on web article directories, link building, reciprocal linking, social media marketing, forums and questions & answers’ board etc. are few of the most famous ways of content marketing on the Internet.

How does social media networking help in online marketing for my products and services?

Social media is one of the most effective ways for Internet marketing these days. Initially, this media was used to be in touch with friends and families but then they soon transformed into the business tool. Today, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. and other social media blogs are widely used for online marketing.

What is viral content marketing on the Internet?

As the term suggests, viral content marketing is a way of marketing content that spreads across the Internet very quickly reaching billions in a few days. There is no surefire way to have this for your business but unique and innovative videos, Internet marketing blog posts and/or experts’ forums seem to work. You may have to hire innovative or creative content writers, video makers or bloggers for the same.

Can I do online marketing myself? What about social media networks?

You can! But then, you may not get desired results. Social media networks include bookmarking, blogging and many other ways for Internet content marketing. All require daily updates and flawless maintenance. Also, there are hundreds of places where your content should be updated or uploaded regularly. This is quite difficult if you do it yourself. On the other hand, if you hire the professionals dedicatedly working on this, the result may be faster and better.

What is the best way to do Internet content marketing?

The best way is to hire content marketing services from reputed offshore company. There are many companies that provide professional services to market your products over the web.

What type of online marketers should I hire?

That’s really a good question. Internet is the prime source of information and seeking services. You may find many freelancers providing Internet marketing through social media and other boards. Nevertheless, most of the buyers lose their money to them. It is always advisable to contact authentic and experienced IT Company that provides SEO and other online content marketing.  

Can I use automatic tools for content marketing? Also, may I purchase links to get higher ranks for my websites?

Using automated tools and purchasing links for your website is a CRIME. In fact, Google and other search engines are very strict about it and discourage such practice. It is called as Black Hat SEO practice and your website may get delisted or banned. The best way to do online marketing is through the ethical practice of search engine optimization and getting real human traffic.

When do I get results?

Online marketing is a process that takes a bit time. It’s not an overnight way of succeeding at selling products. You should be patient to see the results. When people read or come across your product or service, they don’t rely instantly. It takes time to build the reputation and win the trust. However, it generally takes minimum 3 months to start seeing the change in your business.

These are commonest questions businesspersons ask when they think of Internet content marketing for their products or services. You may ask for online marketers’ consultancy to plan it for better outcome.

Internet Content Marketing –Reach Millions, in a Jiffy!

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Content is King

Content is King

It’s all about the visibility. The more visible your product or service is, the more are the chances to have good business. Imagine this –you have kickass products and unmatched services like no one else in the industry provides but you are in a town and just few hundred people knows about it. What’s the use? Content marketing is an online campaign of your products and services that reach millions of people worldwide. Once you do that, again, read the first two lines!

We just talked about a small scale business in town. When it comes to website and online content marketing, even big daddies in the industries need it. While most of the businesspersons are unaware of the power of content marketing, you can act smart and lead the race. First, let’s understand what content marketing is.

What on the earth is content marketing?

It’s an umbrella term that includes marketing formats of creating and sharing the content over the World Wide Web. The purpose of this is to attract real human traffic, acquire them and engage them with certain objectives as per our goal. Online (Internet) content marketing help provoke the reader to go for the product or service targeted to sell.

Marketing content on Internet is not an overnight task –though it can be viral

Content marketing is one of the most complex tasks as it requires the experts to understand the search engines’ algorithms as well as the mentality of human readers, the real target. So have patience when you hire someone for marketing business online. Nevertheless, there are certain tools like white hat SEO and ethical content marketing that are given priority these days by bots. Such content marketing may go viral reaching number of Internet users in very short period.

The approach does not end with making the presence of website or certain landing page everywhere. The maintenance and change in campaign periodically depending upon the research and newer tends are of great concern.

What content marketing should include?

As said earlier, online content marketing is an umbrella term that includes several services. If you fall in wrong hands, you may not only lose money but also the precious time by when some other competitor may hit the market and get succeed.

When you hire content marketing service from any company, here are certain things you should check to have it effective.

1. Social platforms for bookmarking are very important. Do your content marketing service providers do this?

2. Publishing the content on media like News website, Press Release boards and the like carry potential weightage and thus should be included.

3. Mini and microsites may help in content marketing. Ask hired online marketing service provider to have this or may discuss about it.

4. Article writing and submission is the backbone of online content market. Relevant articles are written and posted on various platforms (third party or own network) with proper keyword density. While most of the Internet marketing companies do offer this, it’s better to confirm.

5. Ethical practice (what we call a ‘white hat’) is a preferable form of doing marketing on the internet. Unnecessary keyword stuffing and spam content will be punished by search engines and hence is not good. Be sure about this when you hire.

Apart from these, there are many little but important matters that you must ask the online content marketer who is working on your project. Best SEO professionals and link builders may help augmenting Internet marketing further to bring tangible results.

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