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Google Panda Refresh is On the Way –How to Face Latest Google Panda Update?

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Google Panda Refresh is On the Way

Yesterday, just a couple of lines by the Giant took away the sleep of millions of webmasters across the world. Google announced its Panda Refresh (latest update) in a very tricky way. A Googler just said it in a few words “Panda refresh is rolling out –expect some flux over the next few days. Fewer than 0.7% of queries noticeably affected.” This looks little but if you are found in that 0.7 per cent, this storm is big enough to knock you down. So, let’s learn important tips on Google Panda Refresh to save your ranking.

Google has declared its ultimate goal –to offer the user most relevant results to their keywords or query in fastest way possible. Ever since its debut, Google Panda has brought a lot of changes in the SERPs. The practice of SEO has changed after this big update and there are hundreds of thousands of websites still struggling to come out of Google Penguin and Panda penalties. Needless to say that this latest update from Google about Panda will again have some effects on the SEO masters.

No matter what new Google Panda update comes up with, as an alert webmaster, you must prepare yourself to face the change and come out ahead. A high quality website, if built according to the Google webmaster guidelines, will remain unaffected. If your website specifically targets the humans and not the search engines, you don’t have to worry about Google Panda Refresh in coming days. But if you have practiced Black Hat and were lucky to escape Google Panda and Penguin update, beware…this will knock you off.

Google has approximately 3 billion searches every day and considering this fact, Google Panda Refresh as a latest update will affect around 21 million queries. Having this said, 0.7% is still bigger than most of the people will think.

How to protect from Google Panda Refresh?

There are no new guidelines. Just follow ethical practice and be human! Let the storm of latest update on Google Panda pass on and you’ll find yourself safe and secure. Nevertheless, you must follow certain tips that we already mentioned on our blog. Let’s revise them…

No overuse of Meta

Remove low quality and overly dense keywords from your website or blog. Panda and Penguin are strict for this and new Google Panda Refresh will be stricter. Follow the Google guideline for titles, meta tags, description and even URL structure.

Prefer simplicity over complexity

Use simplest language so that you reduce the bounce rate. Most of the people around the world understand very general English. So if your website is in English Language, use simple and understandable words. The best example for this is Google itself. Pick up any article or instruction by Google and you’ll find how easy you understand what they want to say.

Natural linking and no purchase links or traffic

Google Panda is smart and Google Panda Refresh will be smarter. It’ll identify purchased links and artificial traffic on your website. As we said earlier, be human and practice natural. Write good content and let people share a good word about your work. This will work best in coming time.

These are few of the most important points you’ll have to remember when Google Panda Refresh is on the way. This will not only help you face this update but also will keep your ranking intact on SERPs. 


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  2. This was a very good post and thanks for sharing it. Please post more stuff like this in the future, it is really good stuff you have wrote about.

    Peter Franklin

    September 25, 2012 at 6:22 pm

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