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Google Penguin Update – How to overcome and recover from its penalty?

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Google Penguin Update

Google Penguin Update

With overwhelming response of Google Panda Update on our blog, we received many mails asking to have a post on Google Penguin. And, here we are!

It takes sincere efforts to maintain the quality results on search engines. Google, the Giant, for this sole reason, keeps on updating its algorithm so that it can provide sensible and relevant results for the human readers than spam or webpages with falsely dense keywords. Google penguin is actually a code name for its algorithm. 

Google penguin update was announced in April, 2012 and the purpose of this intelligent code was to throw out the websites that violated Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Just before the penguin update, the Google Panda received several complaints for its flaws in ranking websites. Hundreds of thousands of genuine websites were unwantedly punished and their webmasters sincerely raised the matter. Looking at the depth of the problem, Google updated its algorithm putting a small but very smart code called Penguin. 

What Google Penguin targeted at? 

Google Penguin Target

What Google Penguin Targeted

Google Penguin was smarter algorithm code than ever before. It targeted millions of webpages that did not follow their guidelines of ethical SEO practice. Mainly, the Penguin effects penalized these things on the web…

1. Over keyword stuffing 

2. Key phrases just to fool Google

3. Cloaking by hiding texts

4. Purchased incoming or outgoing links (as a package)

5. Duplicate content

6. Black-hat Web Spam

7. Low quality content 

8. Complex and difficult to understand webpages

SEO after Google Penguin

As if not enough with Google Panda update, Google Penguin affected plenty of websites heavily. The sites that ranked top on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) were removed drastically. The websites that were highly affected included article web directories like Ezinearticles, HubPages, Buzzle and the like.

The update of Google Panda and then Penguin was kind of a nightmare for Search Engine Optimizers who practiced SEO in unethical way. All the black-hat programmers, link builders and coders had to hold their practices finding for the breakthrough. 

On the other side, White Hat Search Engine Optimization experts following ethical practice were benefitted. They got their results and their work was appreciated.

Here we present a few tips for Google Penguin SEO…

  • Reduce the keyword stuffing, be natural
  • Don’t think of search engine, think of the end reader –the human
  • Never hide text by coloring it white or whatsoever. Google is not a camera that won’t see white text on white background
  • Low quality content is not worth reading. Human readers will leave the page immediately. Leaving the page in this way will push your webpage down
  • Don’t create multiple domains for the same keywords
  • Be simple, offer easy navigation and access to your webpages

Keeping these simple things in mind, you can overcome or recover websites in case they are affected by Google Penguin. Practice ethically and you’ll enjoy your work with results. 


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  5. Thank you for sharing this information. 🙂

    anna mathew

    November 1, 2012 at 9:57 am

  6. Thank you for the information. I support Google Penguin efforts to reduce spam and irrelevant content from SER. It can been cumbersome for SEOs when working with clients who are in competitive markets, but ultimately, quality is what is going to keep the consumers interested and invested in the client, anyhow. I think some people are upset by this update, but eventually, they will see that its main objective is positive.

    Google Updates

    November 2, 2012 at 2:15 pm

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