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7 Reasons Why We Cannot Ignore the Power of Online Marketing

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The Power of Online Marketing

People across the world are spending more and more time of their PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets. Instead of seeing shows aired on the TV, people are now deciding what they want to see. Apart from entertainment, these Internet-connected devices are also used to research and analyze brands, gather information, buy products and order services. People do not use yellow pages to find the contact number of local businesses; they use Google search or open a classifieds sites on the Internet. Consequently, online marketing has found a place in the marketing strategy of most companies and organizations.

Traditional marketing, on the other hand, is not doing that well. Cold calling is not appreciated by customers: over 200 million people have registered on the “Do Not Call” list. Television & Radio advertisements do work, but they do not provide a high ROI. Also, most viewers are habituated to flipping channels to avoid watching commercials. Pop-up or intrusive advertisements on the Internet are also known to drive visitors away and negatively affect the website as well as the advertiser.

Consequently, even those web promotion services that use conventional methods to advertise on the Internet do not yield good results. On the other hand, companies that use organic web marketing services can provide excellent leads and high conversion rates. Businesses worldwide is either switching to online marketing, or are mixing Internet marketing with traditional marketing. And there are seven very good reasons for this.

Reach a Targeted Audience:

Whether you go for content marketing or run a PPC campaign, you have a greater power to engage the audience. This is because the content you provide is related to your products or services, and the people who want to read it are bound to be interested in related services. Similarly, advertisements placed with Google search results are also relevant to what the users are searching. Thus, your advertisements are seen by the right audience. 

Actually Help Users:

Traditional marketing pushes products or services onto the users, while web marketing provides interesting and relevant information to the users. For instance, content marketing provides information to users and add value to their internet browsing experience. Web promotion services that are based on a user-centric approach are known to generate a high ROI.

Users Come to You:

Web marketing is subtle. Instead of going to the customers, you wait for them to come to you. You attract users by providing relevant information or by providing entertainment.

Global Reach:

One of the biggest problems with traditional marketing is that it cannot reach customers all over the world. Using online marketing, you can reach a global audience. This aspect of Internet marketing is especially beneficial to businesses that have potential customers all over the world.

Track Advertising Investments:

Most companies that provide web marketing services will let you access the information regarding your web marketing campaign. You can see how many people clicked on your link, you can track their progress on your website, and you can see how many people decided to buy your products to services.

Easy and Economical to Promote Products:

A few words will do the job. You do not need to shoot a video advertisement or get models to pose for you. A simple and effective text advertisement will do. At the most, you may need a nice image and a punch line to go with it. Also, you can use the same advertisement for a long time. The cost of making advertisements is reduced drastically. 

Higher ROI:

Advertising through newspapers, magazines, radio or television requires a large initial investment, and it doesn’t generate high ROI. Online marketing gives a lot better ROI – also the initial costs are not prohibitive. For small and mid-sized businesses, this is the best form of marketing.

It can be seen that web marketing is changing the way advertising works. The manner in which people interact with products, review them and buy them has changed completely because of the Internet. At a time like this, conventional marketing tactics are being used less and less. Businesses can enhance their advertising strategy by availing web marketing services


How Does Google Take the Reconsideration Requests for Problematic Websites?

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With the giant getting better than before, things keep on popping up for the webmasters. In the latest news, Google stated that they started mailing ‘individually’ about the problems in their websites -whether spamming or any grave issue. Google Webmaster Tool, in this sense, is now more useful for all. Nevertheless many had an issue or more a suggestion about these personal mails from Google.

One of the concerns was after fixing up the necessary issues, does Google check a ‘reconsideration request’ manually or the giant has some software? Matt Cutts answers this in his fresh video. The expert ensures that ‘Reconsideration requests’ are certainly looked and checked by the humans at Google.

In addition, the engineer clarifies a few more things about reconsideration request that will be useful for the webmasters to have a quality website adhering to the guidelines of Google for better ranking.

Experts at OnlineMarketingUpdates have a suggestion for the personal mails by the Google. For the webmasters, it’s important to get some details about the problems to work precisely on it. This will certainly save the time and provide better websites to the search engines. As of now, in the mail of Google, the giant just mentions the overview of the issues rather than explaining it in details.

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October 25, 2012 at 9:23 am

October Online Marketing Weekly Updates

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It’s time for our October weekly updates for online marketing. Lots of interesting things have been happening in the world of Internet marketing this week. Google’s Matt Cutts made an announcement that will give solace to the burning hearts of SEOs worldwide, Facebook showed its commitment to keep bullying away from social networking, Twitter said that it has announced a new directory, Foursquare said that it’s planning to launch a new search-oriented page, and SEOmoz came up with five lesser-knew yet effective Facebook marketing resources.

Online Marketing Weekly Updates for October

Google Disavowal Links Tool Launched

SEO and online marketing professionals around the world have been in a difficult position since Google started penalizing low quality links from certain untrustworthy sources. Matt Cutts announced a new Google Webmaster Tool that will allow webmasters to simply upload a number links in a text file. Google will automatically disavow the links. However, Matt Cutts urged online marketers to use the tool cautiously and said that people shouldn’t start disavowing too many links. Disavow only those links that are really low quality and counterproductive. Read More

Twitter has Launched a User Directory

When you log out of your Twitter account and go to the bottom of the page, there is a new link in the footer titled ‘Directory’. While Twitter has not made any formal announcement about the directory, it has said that the directory was created to make it easier for the search engines to find the users. However, you can use this link to browse all the public Twitter profiles. It has been surmised that Twitter is looking for more search engine attention in order to increase its advertise revenue. Read More

Foursquare Launches a New Search-Oriented Page

The location-based social networking app, Foursquare, has launched a website that is more search-engine friendly. The iOS and Android apps for Foursquare can also access the new design, and this move is expected to catapult Foursquare to the top of location-based services. While the earlier version simply helped people find places on the basis of location, the latest avatar of the website will actually help them to explore places and get access to a greater number of tips, reviews, photos and other information. Read More

Facebook Launches Prevent Bullying Page

Bullying on Facebook is one the rise and Facebook is planning to stamp it out. The Prevent Bullying page, released during the National Bullying Awareness Month, is its new initiative. On this page, users can access a support board where users can follow up on problem posts, videos sharing successful stories of facing bullying head-on, and links inspiring users to sign the Stop Bullying: Speak Up” pledge. Read More

SEOmoz Lists Some Really Cool Facebook Marketing Resources

Social media marketing, especially Facebook marketing and promotion, has become an important part of online marketing. While most SEO professionals know about tens of tools and resources for Facebook marketing, there are still many resources that pass under their radar. SEOmoz has listed five fantastic Facebook marketing resources: Facebook Marketing Page, Facebook Advertising Page, Facebook Business Page, Facebook Studio, and Facebook Studio Edge. Read More

Backdoor Stuffs You Don’t Know About Facebook

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The Facebook newsroom shows that there are one billion monthly active users on it as of October 2012. Well, for the Facebook users, this isn’t going to be very surprising because they know very well that when it comes to popularity, there aren’t too many sites that can compete with Facebook. For many people, Facebook is an addiction, and it is literally tough for them to stay away from it for a long time (well, it happens to me at least).

Interesting Facebook Facts

Anyways, I’m not here to show you the stats; I’m here to share with you some interesting backdoor stuffs about your favorite social networking site, and I’m sure you’ll keep gawking at most of them; gawking because you wouldn’t have realized that there are so many things to know about Facebook, the site that have become an integral part of your life. So, without babbling anymore, I’ll cut to the chase and take you straight to the facts.

  • Facebook’s original homepage had Al Pacino’s face on it.
  • File sharing service was one of Facebook’s earliest functions.
  • Facebook engineers originally wanted to call the “Like” button the “Awesome” button.
  • Currently, it is the second biggest website by traffic behind Google.
  • Mark Zuckerberg’s dog, Beast, has his own Facebook Page, which has earned him over 133,000 fans.
  • Marks Zuckerberg’s peers say that one of his best talents is his ability to fire people.
  • Facebook was earlier known as, and its former president Sean Parker helped it get the domain for $200,000.
  • It has one engineer for every one million people, and at present, there are 500 developers who are devoted to improving the site.
  • The company’s hiring spree is at such a furious rate that all new guests are asked whether they are there for an interview or for a meeting.
  • When Steve Jobs asked Facebook to present its iPhone application at WWDC in 2008, but instead of doing it himself, Zuckerberg sent an engineer and marketing manager to do the presentation. The audition was so bad that Jobs canceled the presentation.
  • Facebook engineers enjoy a better pay than most companies in the Valley.
  • The ‘poke’ function in Facebook still doesn’t have any meaning. However, many people think that its function is to help to flirt between two people.
  • Facebook developers ‘relax’ by playing each other at chess in timed tournaments and these ‘interesting’ tournaments are held in the kitchens.
  • In the Facebook headquarters, every conference room has a different name. Some rooms have been named after countries which have smaller populations than the number of people on Facebook like Colombia, which has a population of approximately of 45 million.
  • Jumper of a Facebook employee was sold for 4000 dollars (thank GOD, they didn’t put only behind the price). Many people think that the jumper is so expensive because there is a motto of Facebook inside of the jumper.

When I came across these facts for the first time, I was amazed that there are such interesting stuffs that I don’t know about Facebook. So, I went on to search some more and decided to share it with all the Facebook lovers. I hope you enjoyed reading these facts (and gawked at some of them, as I did). Meanwhile, my research is on to collect more hidden facts and I’ll soon put some interesting stuffs like this for you. But right now, let’s get back to where we all want to be the most, which is Facebook, of course. 

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October 19, 2012 at 10:09 am

SEO and Content Marketing in the Post-Panda & Penguin World

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While Google’s Panda and Penguin updates have made things great for users, they’ve made things rather difficult for content marketers and SEO professionals. Thankfully, there are proven content marketing techniques that work well in the post-Panda & Penguin world.

Google Post-Panda and Penguin World

Most major search engines (especially Google) have made a number of changes in the way they calculate the rank of web pages for particular keywords. The SEO and content marketing tactics that yielded rich dividends just a few months back do not work so well anymore. As Google is the most popular search engine, millions of blogs and websites around the world were built keeping in mind the preferences of this Internet search giant. The Panda and Penguin updates took blogging professionals, online marketers and SEO experts by surprise. The Google search ranking of several websites plummeted all of a sudden, and SEO strategies that seemed to work perfectly were no longer effective.

Most black-hat SEO tactics will not help you get back on your feet. Thankfully, there are a number of other ways in which you can use content marketing to get enviable search rankings on Google.

Successful Content Marketing Techniques for Google Panda and Penguin

1. Original, Quality Content

While the idea of writing quality and original content to impress and attract visitors has been around since a long while, most content marketers don’t take the pains to implement it. Panda update punishes spam and/or duplicate content. If your site has been hit, you need to take a close look at the content and decide for yourself whether it offers any real value to the user. For improving the raking of new websites, you should use original and quality content as copied content will never let you rise to the top of the search results.


2. Judicious Use of Keywords

A decade ago, it was understood that cramming your website or blog with a certain keyword will automatically take you to the top of Google results. As the search engines got smarter, content marketers and SEO professionals realized that, in the new circumstances, it was better to use the keywords just a few times in an article or web page. Those tactics don’t work so well now. In order to empower your content and make it beautiful in the eyes of Panda and Penguin, use the main keywords just a few times (2-3% of overall content) and use (but not repeat) similar, related keywords extensively.


3. Remove Unnatural Links

All the low-quality links that point toward your site are hurting your rankings. If you have purchased a number of links from a website and the links have the same anchor text, it won’t do you any good. On the contrary, it will hurt you. If you post comments on different forums using same anchor texts with a gibberish username, Google will view it as spam and hit your domain. Link from sites that are blacklisted by Google will also harm you. If any links of the above description point towards your website or blog, get rid of them fast.


4. Build Natural Links

Many content marketing professionals avoid link building after being hit by Google Panda and Penguin. But link building works well if you can get links from quality websites. Links from sites that are similar to your site can help you a lot. Also, links from trusted sources like reputed news sites, education sites and government sites can also help you boost your search engine results.


5. Make Social Networking a Part of your Strategy

Apart from SEO and content marketing through article and blog submission, you must also harness the power of social media marketing to work for you. Twitter has proved to be a dependable tool for micro-blogging; Facebook and other social media sites can also help you promote your products and services. 

What is Google Dance – is it back?

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What is Google-Dance

Those who are in Search Engine Optimization industry since years will surely know the Google Dance. Of course, they all had to dance with those updates willingly or unwillingly! For new comers, let’s understand what is Google Dance –Google Dance can be defined as an update of the search engine giant for indexing the results, recalculating the PageRanks of every page the bot has crawled.

Google’s element of PageRank has different algorithm and criteria that requires bots to crawl billions of pages regularly. Considering the amount of webpages available on the Internet, this operation would take several days to finish. The havoc is this –during Google Dance period, the SERPs would highly fluctuate taking you from rags to rich and vice versa! It is for this reason, the term Google Dance was coined. As experts say, Google Dance took place somewhere during last third of every month.

Difference between EverFlux and Google Dance

Apart from last third of the month, Search Engine Result Pages do fluctuate in showing their results. Nevertheless, they are different from the actual Google dance. It’s because of the fresh crawling by Googlebot which is known as EverFlux. Most of the webmaster are confused this with Google Dance. For EverFlux, the results are being restored quickly whereas Google Dance shakes up the positions of the websites and may change the PageRank immediately.

The Return of Google Dance

Many webmasters speculate that Google Dance is back with bang! If not enough with Google Panda, Penguin and Panda Refresh, the Dance would really make people thinking and working harder on their websites. You can certainly face Google Dance by practicing ethically.

The Dancing stopped as Google changed its algorithm and did not go with that on a monthly basis. It, instead, tweaked it constantly. The WebSpam Team Head Matt Cutts discussed in his video about this change and gave certain tips to practice white hat SEO. The Dance became of less relevance after the major changes in Google Algorithms but then the time is back!

According to Search Engine Optimization experts, Google Dance is back but with different approach. Google Panda Dance and Penguin Dance pattern gives a clear hint of this. In summary, not only Dance is back but now they have different dancing styles happening at different times. It might be easy to trace the Google Panda Dance but when it comes to Penguin, it is difficult to understand.

Panda or Penguin, you are least bothered which animal comes on your way to the jungle of World Wide Web but be sure that it does not bite you. And how you avoid it? When you meet them, just respect their rules and don’t try to hurt them!

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